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Claims Against Public Entities – Immunity and Notice Issues

Claims Against Public Entities – Immunity and Notice Issues Revised November 1, 2018 By:  Chad Lieberman, Esq. Colorado has 42 state parks and hundreds of publicly owned and operated open spaces, local parks, preserves, hiking paths, recreational facilities and golf courses.   Claims for personal injuries associated with these areas are likely controlled by the Colorado Premises […]

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Colorado’s Damages Caps

Colorado’s Damages Caps Revised August 10, 2018 By:  Chad Lieberman, Esq. General Civil actions The current non-economic cap in a civil action for injuries is $468,010, which may be increased by the court upon clear and convincing evidence to a maximum of $936,030.  C.R.S. 13-21-102.5(3)(a).  This cap applies to the liability share of each defendant […]

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Can Undocumented Workers Seek Lost Earnings?

Can Undocumented Workers Seek Lost Earnings? By:  Chad Lieberman, Esq. The United States Supreme Court has never commented directly on the issue of whether undocumented workers can claim personal injury damages in the form of lost future earnings.  However, to some courts and pundits, the U.S. Supreme Court came close when in 2002 it decided […]

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